Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is going completely green. The tech giant recently announced that it plans to pay for enough green energy sources to power all of its data centers and offices by this time next year.

It’s facilities will still be hooked up to their regular power grids. So there’s not necessarily a way to check and see whether Google’s energy is coming from renewable sources. But the company says that it will purchase enough renewable energy credits cover all of the energy it uses.

At first glance, you might think this move is mostly about the environmental impact of green energy use. Google is a big company that uses a lot of energy. So going green can have a definite impact on the environment. And of course, getting some positive attention for the move wouldn’t hurt either.

Is it Time to Get Ahead on the Financial Benefits of Renewable Energy?

But green energy prices have actually gone down in recent years. So the move also may impact Google with some financial benefits of renewable energy. Though there aren’t currently any mandates in place that would force Google into using only renewable energy, there might one day be some rules or stronger financial reasons to do so. So getting started now when prices are low makes a lot of sense for companies that can afford it.

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