What Is Your Most Useful Channel for Recruiting Employees? [POLL]

As we head closer and closer to 2017 — you can hear the corks popping already — it’s likely a time when your considing hiring someone new.

Hiring an employee is a big step, especially if you’ve got a really small team. You need JUST the right person for the job. And that job is probably wide-ranging in tasks so you’re going to need someone with skills in a variety of areas.

Well, where does one find this dynamo?

Channels for Recruiting Employees

There are lots of places to find the so-called right person, of course. And each business has its own havens for finding the right talent for the job. Some are traditional locations — like job fairs, employment centers and an old fashioned thing called newspaper classifieds — while others are the new kids on the block — like LinkedIn or Facebook.

In this week’s poll, tell us …

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