Thousands of people in Cuba will soon be able to access the internet in their homes for the very first time.

The state-owned telecommunications company announced that it is installing internet in about 2,000 Havana homes for a two-month trial period. And if all goes well, the country could extend that period and perhaps increase the number of homes with access.

Before this, the only people who could access the internet in Cuba were some top officials and those who could access it via public wifi and mobile hotspots. So this move potentially opens up a whole new world of possibilities for many people in Cuba — as well as the people and businesses around the world that want to communicate with them.

For businesses that share information and resources online, it might seem like you can already access people in basically any market around the world. But there are still places where people don’t have the infrastructure or resources to access the internet.

Access Provides New Online Business Opportunities

So changes like this one can potentially lead to big things for online businesses, especially small businesses who otherwise would have little access to such markets. It may be on a fairly small scale for now. But that scale will likely increase. It could lead to even more internet access for the people of Cuba. And the more people around the world who are connected, the more possibilities there are for your online business.

Havana Photo via Shutterstock

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