If your business uses technology of almost any kind, you could be vulnerable to hackers. This is something that is already understood in many high-tech businesses. But in other industries that simply use technology in some capacity, cybersecurity falls a bit further down the list of priorities.

And in some industries, like the medical industry, failing to consider cybersecurity could be life threatening. In fact, St. Jude Medical just had to update its implantable cardiac devices because the Food and Drug Administration said they could be vulnerable to hackers. And last year, Johnson & Johnson notified more than 100,000 of its customers that their insulin pumps could be vulnerable to hackers as well.

Medical Device Security is Critical

Both issues are fixed now. And there were no actual hacks reported in either case. But if any hackers had actually caught on to those vulnerabilities, they could have changed doses, drained batteries or even shut down the devices entirely. And when you’re talking about things like pacemakers or insulin pumps, that’s a really big deal.

What these cases demonstrate for small businesses is the need to consider cybersecurity in any industry. The medical industry seemingly lags behind a bit in this area. But it’s just as important, if not more so, for those businesses to take the potential for hacks and other cybersecurity incidents seriously.

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