Skype outage resolved resolved within hours

Skype, Microsoft’s phone, chat and video conferencing service, experienced an outage this morning across parts of North and South America, the U.K., Europe and eastern Asia. But the platforms management team reported the Skype outage resolved within hours.

An official announcement on Skype’s website confirmed reports.

Skype outage announcement

“We are aware of a problem, impacting multiple Skype services (sign-in, PSTN calls, SMS sending and etc.) Our engineers are already working on the solution and we hope the issue is resolved soon,” the announcement said.

Users Sounded Alarm But Skype Outage Resolved within Hours

No reason was given for the outage and service has since been restored.

It didn’t take long following the outage for Skype users to sound the alarm via Twitter.

DownDetector, a site that tracks technology fails, showed the problem lasted about four hours.

Skype outage graph

The most reported problems included log-ins, voice calls and receiving messages.

To everyone’s relief, a Microsoft representative announced that the problem had been resolved, after a 3-hour delay.

This is not the first time Skype has been down. It occurs periodically, as recently as October and November, according to the Skype support Twitter account.

Consumers rely on Skype to communicate remotely via phone, chat and video. Companies also use it, for phone and video conferencing.

Microsoft even offers a version specifically designed for business use that incorporates features beyond those offered in the consumer version, including administrative roles, expanded conferencing capabilities and integration with Microsoft Office 365.


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