Drones and virtual reality are both growing trends in the tech sector. And now, the two concepts are combining in a new sport — drone racing.

Here’s how it works. Drone pilots use virtual reality headsets to fly drones around an obstacle course from a first person perspective. Drones fly in different heats and are scored based on checkpoint passes and the overall time it takes them to complete the course.

It might sound like a weird niche, but this new sport incorporates some interesting new technology that is already trending with a lot of consumers. And on top of that, it also incorporates some classic racing elements that fans of other sports are already drawn to.

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Drone racing also demonstrates a really creative way of using new technology. And it’s something that could potentially get even more people interested in owning some of the high tech devices used. So there are even more possibilities for businesses in these growing sectors.

If you’re more interested in just watching drone racing, you’re also in luck. ESPN has picked up the broadcast rights to the first season of Drone Racing League. So it should be coming to a TV near you shortly.

Drone Racers Photo via Shutterstock

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