Bill Gates and some other big name investors want to increase risk taking in the green technology market.

Of course, risks are a part of almost any business venture. But when it comes to new and innovative areas like green tech, it’s even more necessary to take risks in order to actually move projects forward.

And that’s what Gates and the rest of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition are hoping for. The group just unveiled a new fund aimed at investing in those high-risk ventures that are working toward creating affordable and reliable ways of living without emitting extra greenhouse gasses.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, this means that there may soon be even more opportunities within the green tech space. But of course, there are plenty of risks involved in getting into an evolving industry. So Breakthrough Energy Ventures hopes to supply enough funding to these projects so that they can function long-term, even with all of the risks that are inherently involved.

Business Risk is Sometimes Unavoidable

And even for businesses that aren’t in the green tech space, this movement still highlights the importance of being able to handle business risk, especially in innovative new industries. You can’t hope to make new discoveries or invent completely new processes without taking some big leaps. And while most of them will probably lead nowhere, the one or two that work out have the potential to lead to really big things.

Bill Gates Photo via Shutterstock

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