For as much success as Airbnb has had, the home sharing startup has also faced its fair share of obstacles. And those obstacles are not going away anytime soon.

Now, city officials in Paris are blaming the company for declining populations in some of the city’s neighborhoods. One official even called it “a catastrophe.”

And they might have a point. Since Paris is one of the top destinations for Airbnb, many residents have taken to renting out their homes or apartments for most of the year and then purchasing other residences elsewhere.

Airbnb likely isn’t the only factor responsible for the drop in population. But even the perception could lead to more regulations for the company and its users. For example, the city could increase taxes on second homes in the city, which would make it more costly for people who want to rent those spaces using Airbnb or a similar service.

Be Ready for The Side Effects of Business Disruption

Obstacles like this are likely to be fairly common for disruptive startups like Airbnb. Since it’s completely changing how some people live and work, it can have some ancillary effects that weren’t exactly expected. But it’s important that that any disruptive business, large or small, be able to navigate the side effects of business disruption and come up with solutions as the need arises.

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