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I have worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of Founders and CEO's, I have launched 6 companies of my own, some grew to Multi million operations.. some.. not so much (lol).  So trust me when I say starting your own business is a big step, its risky and jam packed with absolutely essential things you need to know to even have a chance at breaking even, let alone making it BIG.  I know what it takes, and after 30 years in business I think I have achieved some success.  In this, my “little Black Book” I will share some of the things that made me successful.  I hope they work for you too.


Matthew Black
Founder / CEO - Red E Limited

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The secrets to starting right
The most useful skills I think I have acquired in all my years in business have always been in the area of understanding people, drivers, limiters, motivators and distractors. Knowing what & how your ideal prospect thinks is the single biggest advantage that any business can have. In this chapter I go over the importance of clarity, focus and getting into a "CEO mind set". I have included some great tools to help you to not just capture your next big idea, but to validate it.. setting you up to stop thinking and start growing your idea.
Packed with my top tips
I have stuffed this book with everything I can think of that you need to get off the couch and into business. My top tips for: How to beat procrastination, get more done. How to make a pitch for investment, networking for leads & getting more sales Essential Tools that help you grow your business like: Develop your USP (this is the secret to selling more quicker, easier and with less competition) Worksheets to help you create a HOT LIST of people you meet that might help you turn your idea in to cash, track 1:1 followups, Idea capture and fast validation.
I + A = WOW
Inspiration + Action = a WOW result. Sounds simple, but I have meet many hundreds of people that have all the inspiration in the world. They read inspirational books, go to endless Entrepreneurs networking events, hang out in cool coffee shops. Some even have a brilliant idea, but do nothing about it. You should know by now that the gap between thinking like a winner, and BEING a winner is ACTION. This book is designed to help you STOP MAKING EXCUSES and get into action. Transform that idea into a successful business. ALSO: WILL I FAIL? An honest approach to RISK in starting a business. Your GFP - the scientific measure of your entrepreneurial traits.

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This book is designed to be written in, to be carried around, to capture hot leads, opportunities & inspired ideas.  It contains some of the things I have learned, the tools I use, were all forged in the fires of failure, continuous refinement, and real world application in hundreds of businesses.  - DO NOT - buy this book if you want a good read. It's totally focused on one purpose, getting you inspired to take action, stop thinking about being in business and get started... NOW

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Nominated for the "People Choice Book Prize" for non-fiction

Nominated for the "People Choice Book Prize" for non-fiction 2016 critics, consultants and founders like you all think "the Little Black Book" is exactly what people need to help them launch a new business this year.  (Quote from the author Matthew Black) "I've been in business for thirty years and I honestly think this is one of the best collection of business resources I have ever made available to pre-start and early stage businesses. But don't take my word for it, here is some feedback from real founders and CEO's just like you on what they think of my book."  

Dr. Hanyaloglu, Imperial College London, Snr. Lecturer

People are asking me how I do it… As a scientist we are constantly looking for ways to commercialise of our research. The Little Black Book (LBB) was a real surprise for me. It may be aimed at first time start-ups but I found the idea capture forms, quick validation and in fact the entire "Heart" section was totally relevant to my situation. I have purchased copies for all my students and staff. And recently both my boss congratulated me on spotting a great opportunity.. thanks LBB.

Lidia J. Founder & Creative director @ L&E

It's all true.I was lucky enough to meet the Author Matthew Black at an event. I was impressed by his background and presentation, but the thing that had me commit, to ask him to become my mentor, was his authenticity. You know, when you meet someone and you just KNOW that they are truthfully who they say. I have seen a lot of "business coaches" in my time and none stack up to Matthew. He really has been there and done it all. Of course I read his book and obviously its not as good as spending hours with him in person but WAY cheaper (lol). Trust me, this guy really knows his stuff, and the book covers a LOT of ground. Well done MB , your a legend.

Tony Pincham CEO StreetPhoto.London

He got me started. I confess, I am a perfectionist AND procrastinator. I had (have) so many ideas that in fact the ideas stop me from getting started. The idea assessment thing was great, as was the "whats your purpose" part, but the thing I think that has got me going and (finally) on the way to turning my dreams into reality, is the inspirational stuff. It really helps me when I am feeling like I can't do it. It's nice to know I am not alone, and that he has my back.

Sharif George MBCS, Founder "The Sales Engine"

He is "The Man" For want of a better word I am a salesman, and a damn good one. As an Author myself I know good work when I see it, As a sales professional I know when its "BS" or the real deal, and as a business specialist helping founders with automated marketing systems I know fist had that a lot of what this book covers is not just absolutely on the money but a surprise,. Genuinely Matthews unique background and self forged tools and approaches are a really surprising. Amazing in a world packed with people that have an opinion on how it "should" be done. I NEVER (well almost never obviously) endorse anyone for anything. But.. this book is awesome, Matthew Black really is "the Man". He really knows what it takes to start and grow a business and the LBB really is just a pile of the best bits of his 30 years on knowledge squashed into a itty bitty, little tiny black book. Short, but to the point, genius.

About the Author

Matthew left home at 14, started his first company (logistics) at 18, selling  it at just before his 20th birthday.  He went on to found a $55M telecoms company before the age of 30, working in Silicone Valley, his list of accomplishments is long and varied. But ask him about his past and he would say; 

"the value of looking behind is only good for one thing.  
To instill in you a modicum of confidence as your striding forward into the unknown".

His passion is Visioneering. Helping founders clearly define their vision & direction.  They then use the insights gained to reduce marketing costs, increase sales conversion by “engineering” the messaging and strategy.

Matthew Black

Currently living in a salubrious part of London, Matthew was actually born and raised in a small dusty town in the wild untamed Australian outback. That’s where he learned from local aborigines not just the skills, but developed the mental toughness, of being self-reliant, fearless, and driven to succeed.  All essential to survive one of the most inhospitable landscapes in the world. 

But equally valuable in the world of business.  He is fond of telling stories from his outback adventures that have shaped his unique perspective and style of business. Combined with his larger-than-life character and business acumen it has earned him the title “The Outback Entrepreneur”

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I have created a range of packages to suit your budget.  They are all focused on one goal, to catapult you from the couch and into action, to stop thinking about starting a business and start your big adventure.

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The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs

I know its tough starting your first business, I started my first company at 17.  I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me and wish I had some of this advice, so this book is for those like me once, dreaming of business success, but need in a little help to get started.  

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Paperback Edition


The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs

Paperback edition

I designed this "pocket sized yet power packed" book to be written in, carried around, capture hot leads, opportunities & inspired ideas.

I share some of my best advice, gleaned over the past 30+ years and two multi-million dollar businesses I built from scratch.

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